Bait Al Gahwa


Bait Al Gahwa is a cultural experience involving the traditional preparation and presentation of gahwa, Arabic coffee.

Minimum Age: All Ages
Qasr Al Hosn
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Friday 2:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Saturday to Thursday 9:30 am - 6:40 pm
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An in-depth exploration of Arabic coffee, Bait Al Gahwa presents each stage of preparing gahwa from roasting, cooling, grounding, to brewing the coffee. Each stage, including the serving phase, has a distinctive technique, traditional tools, and unique etiquette to the UAE.

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Bait Al Gahwa schedule 

Sunday - Thursday Friday Saturday
09.30 am 02.00 pm 09.30 am
10.10 am 02.40 pm 10.10 am
10.50 am 03.30 pm 10.50 am
11.30 am 04.10 pm 11.30 am
12.10 am 05.00 pm 12.10 am
01.00 pm 06.00 pm 01.00 pm
02.30 pm 06.40 pm 02.30 pm
 03.10 pm  07.30 pm 03.10 pm
03.50 pm 08.10 pm 03.50 pm
04.20 pm 08.50 pm 04.20 pm
05.00 pm 09.30 pm 05.00 pm
06.00 pm   06.00 pm
06.40 pm   06.40 pm

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